Java-web, Servlet and JSP Tutorial

In this tutorial we are going to learn how to use java to produce web pages. This is known as "java on the server side" and it is based mainly on tecnologies like Servlet and JSP Java Server Pages.


  1. Essential requirement for a java business programmer: Most of the business job market uses these tecnologies. Governments, banks and big companies have their software architecture based in the API Servlet.
  2. Base Tecnology used by the Google hosting service: Today the only free java hosting (that I know of) is given by Google and is called App Engine. We will take a look at this service in another series of tutorials.


  1. Http protocols, html language, client-server paradigm, tcp/ip, etc. I recommend you take a look at the series of tutorials:
  2. Java language programming. See the tutorials in this same website.


  1. What is a Servlet Container. Apache Tomcat installation.
  2. First Servlet, website structure according to J2EE standards.
  3. Parameters, GET and POST methods in Servlets.
  4. Use of Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers
  5. Web application Deployment
  6. Introduction to Java Server Pages JSP
  7. Web application debugging
  8. Remote Debugging