Java Developers

If you belong to the group of "Java Developers" you are in the first position of the top 10 most in demand developer skills of 2013 and if you are planning to be one... this is the place and time to become one!!!;

As we can see in the table below, Java developers are the most demanded by the companies with a 22% of the global searches.


Java developers are searched for because of the rising interest in mobile development but also because of the language’s wide number of development uses. Java is a hugely popular language for a wide variety of companies and it's the most common language across the world that developers use.

It is important to know that the demand for Java developers has remained steady for nearly a decade. This means that trendy languages come and go but employers still want the classics.

Java developers salary

A good reason to become a java developer is the salary. It is a well paid profile.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has predicted 30% job growth in the software development industry between 2010 and 2020. The average salary is listed at $90,530.

However the website, suggests that the salary for a Java developer is higher. Recent figures put Java developer at $96,000.

You have to take into account that a Java job requirement often specifies a number of languages and environments – you will become a strong candidate if you know a lot of different go-to technologies and you apply them successfully on the job.

Salaries vary a lot depending on the level of expertise required ($61,000 listed for Junior Java developers and $112,000 for Senior J2EE Developer).

Job description and types of Java developers

Java developers create dynamic applications and websites. They design, implement and maintain java applications. Java developers work at all stages of the process: soliciting requirements, designing prototypes, and configuring products.

There are different types of Java developer, proficient in different Java systems (standard, enterprise, and mobile).

Junior Java developer

A junior Java developer is someone who hasn´t any experience in Java, usually has a degree in computer science or engineering and has finished a java course. A junior Java developer has knowledge in SQL and little more.

Java developer, senior Java developer or Java developer analyst

This type of java developers has at least two years of experience in J2EE (JSP, Servlets), knows how to use subversion, ant or maven and has worked with different servers like Tomcat, Jboss, webShepre Aplication server, etc. It is necessary knowledge in unix (Linux) and to be able to work with a database. Experience with struts, spring, hibernate, gwt or any other framework is an important plus.

Software architect

With over 4 years experience and a bit of passion for technology this profile should dominate any J2EE technologies and will be directing the project at the frontend.

A J2EE architect is among the highest positions a developer can attain.

Project Manager

With more than 4 years experience and showing a little responsibility and commitment it is easy to move from programmer to project manager. In this job you will have to carry out a lot more management tasks than technical ones. The advantage is that it is the beginning of a management career. The disadvantage is that you become less essential, and if you lose your job, insertion is more difficult and you may have to take a step back and return to being a java developer with a consequent loss of pay. This profile has a similar salary to that of an architect.

What do you need to become part of the group of Java Developers

If you want to work in Java (as a junior java developer) it is necessary to control the basic programming concepts and it is advisable to have a basic knowledge of object oriented programming. If you don´t want to be Junior you should have knowledge of the several standards known as J2EE.