Android programming video tutorials

Smart phones will change the way we communicate. Many believe that the impact will be greater than the PC compatible. It is easy to imagine that it is most likely to have a smart phone in each people hands than a personal computer in every home.

In the battle of the operating systems, there is no doubt about who is the winner. Android is almost 80% market share and growing.

The opportunity is clear. There are more telephones than computers and the industry needs programs to exploit the potential of the new platform. Google also allows you to use its Google Play selling platform at a cost never seen before in the industry. I think there was never a better time for independent developers than today.

Android programming tutorials for beginners.

The good news for us is that Android is developed using Java. This makes learning easier. Although everything is not so easy. We must learn the libraries and the Android development environment. For this tutorial, Java programming knowledge is needed. We recommend java programming tutorials for beginners.