Concepts, tools and programming tips

Together with learning a particular programming language, it is interesting to learn concepts that are necessary to help us solve problems or design solutions. Understanding the environment in which we work, gives us the confidence and the knowledge to succeed. It is very easy to take the wrong way, when we do not know where we are.

Learning how the computer and operating systems work, will give us this understanding of the environment.

In addition to understanding the environment is also desirable to know the tools and common practices. If you have the ability to read a batch file from a web server, you can save a development project from failure or save months of work.

To resolve a problem without the right tools or without knowing how to use them, can be much more expensive or impossible.

In this section you will find tutorials that try to shed light on these concepts, tools and common practices which, although not always necessary to develop a program, they often make the difference between the success of a project or its failure.